Section 31 - Kayak Repairs

I know of no glue that adheres to the material Ocean Kayak products are constructed of.

The first thing to do if you get a crack is drill a small hole at both ends of the crack to prevent it from spreading.

The proper way to repair a crack is by "welding" it. This involves fusing a piece of the same material (same color) to the kayak. An electric heat gun or propane torch with a fine point can be used. I strongly suggest you let the dealer perform this as it takes practice. If you overheat the material you may permanently damage it.

The dealer has welding rods in a variety of colors to match the kayak.

Ocean Kayak markets a "Patch 'n Go" repair material for non-structural repairs such as "scratches, scrapes and pinholes". I have no experience with this product.

If the crack is in an area that will continue to flex, such as the center area where you sit to gear up and down, you will have to make that area stationary. I accomplished this on my kayak by placing a section of 2 x 4 inside the center hatch area directly in front of the crack. Marine Goop will help hold it in place.