Section 22 - Tank Well

The tank leash on the XT is attached to one of the added eyelets I mentioned in the "Kayak Modifications" section. I installed it on the right side of the kayak, as that is the side I enter the water on. The advantage of permanently installing this leash to the kayak with a brass ring instead of a clip is there is no chance it will come undone. Be sure to place the ring in the eyelet before riveting it to the XT kayak. Use Marine Goop on the eyelets to seal them. You can attach the leash to XL by unscrewing one of the rear eyelets.

The below photos show the scuba tank with BCD and regulator placed in the tank well of the XT. My closed weight belt is straddled across the base of the tank with the bottom kayak strap through it. The yellow line is the tank leash and hooks to any "D" ring on the BCD. If you are using integrated weights I suggest you make some type of leash to connect your two pouches to so as to be able to secure them across the tank base as shown in the bottom photo. Pre-loading integrated weights into your BCD will make it more difficult to handle the tank when gearing up and down as described in those sections. Keeping a weight belt or integrated weights in the front hatch makes it more difficult to lift the kayak while dragging it to the ocean as well as place added stress on the handle mount area of the kayak.


A length of rope with loops on each end is used to secure the weight pouches on the XT. The loops were made using the eyesplice. The rope is placed through the plastic inserts on the pouches then the strap buckles are placed through the loops on the rope. You can use brass clips on the XL or permanently attach one end to an eyelet by unscrewing it.