Section 21 - Drift Anchor

A "drift anchor" a/k/a "drogue" is used to slow a water craft down when it is being blown by strong winds. The one depicted in the photo below is an 18" model and was purchased on eBay.
Connections for the sea anchor are depicted in the photo below:
Connect the sea anchor line to the rear handle cord (#1 in the photo). Use a brass swivel clip (eye-splice the line to the clip). Attach the sea anchor to the other end of the line with either a brass swivel clip or eye-splice the line directly to the sea anchor (top photo). The length of the line is arbitrary. Ten feet should be sufficient.
A second line is needed to retrieve the sea anchor. The length of this line is based on the distance from the rear of the kayak to the backrest plus some. This second line has a brass swivel clip on one end and a brass ring on the other. The eye-splice was used to attach the line to the clip and ring. The end with the brass ring (#2 in the photo) is slipped over the drift anchor line prior to attaching it to the rear handle of the kayak. Be certain the ring will fit over the clip when purchasing them. The other end of the line is attached to the backrest hardware (#3 in the photo - backrest not shown) so that it is easily accessible. #4 in the photo goes to the drift anchor (not shown).
You can store the entire setup in the rear pocket of the backrest where it is ready to deploy. If you have no pocket in your backrest then try storing it in the tank well. The key is to have it within arms reach for immediate deployment. I suggest you connect the retrieval line on the opposite side of the kayak that your BCD will be launched on so as not to get entangled in it. That will put the drift anchor on the same side as the paddle and leash.
The drift anchor also is used for kayaking with a kite. The sea anchor is deployed prior to launching the kite in order to stabilize the kayak. The drift anchor will help position the kayak downwind as well as slow it down after which time the kite can be launched. After the kite is in position and secured the drift anchor is hauled in. The anchor should be kept ready for re-deployment in case the kite drops or some other problem arises.