Section 18 - Anchor & Line

I use a 3 and 1/2 pound galvanized collapsible anchor (Photo 1). It fits easily into the front hatch along with the anchor line and other gear. The shackle tends to rust and should be replaced with a stainless steel one. A cut-off old heavy sock (Photo 2) makes an ideal cover when storing the anchor to prevent it from scratching other surfaces.


Photo 2

This is 250 feet of 3/16 inch braided nylon line (not 3 strand) on a winder. I picked the line winder up at a marine supply store. You may have to drill extra holes in it to suit your needs. There is a bronze clip on the end for easy connect/disconnect to the anchor. This line has held 3 or 4 kayaks with no problems. It has held 2 kayaks in a strong current. I you are unable to locate this line winder in your area it can be purchased online from West Marine for about $8.00 plus shipping.


(See the "Anchoring" section for additional information)