Section 14 - Dive Flag

A dive flag is required by law in most, if not all States. A separate flag may also be required on each kayak that has a diver. Check your local laws. Not only does a dive flag tell others a diver is below, it also tells them your kayak is not lost and adrift. You can mount your own flag device in the kayak, purchase a flag bracket, or tow a float with a flag. 

Mounted Flag

This flag is plastic and measures  8" X 10". Check your local laws for any minimum dive flag size requirements, as this flag may not comply. The standard in many states is 14" X 18". I modified it by adding a brass clip to connect to a kayak eyelet so it wont blow away and a piece of foam shaped to wedge into one of the drain holes in the kayak to keep it upright. I use a hair tie to keep it folded up.

Floating Flag

The float shown here is hard plastic and comes with the flag and mounting brackets. It is favored by local freedivers here on Maui and is the type used by lifeguards. It is in the $100. price range. There are vinyl and fabric inflatable flag floats in the $20. to $40. price range.

Flag Mount & Flag

Visit TopKayaker.Net's online store to order a flag mounting bracket and/or flag that fits most kayaks with scupper holes close to the outer edges of the kayak.