Section 12 - Clips

The photo below shows two clips which are widely used. DO NOT use the one in the right of the photo for anything except the backrest straps that connect to the kayak eyelets. This type of clip is often referred to as a "suicide clip". It can easily snag on objects and open when twisted at certain angles because of its design.  Most of these clips are made of brass or bronze. The swivel type offer more flexibility.

The photo below shows the pointed ends of the thumb releases cut off with a Dremel tool then smoothed over with a hand file on the releases marked "A". The releases marked "B" show the clip as originally manufactured. Removing the pointed extensions on the thumb releases may greatly reduce the odds of the clip snagging on a mesh bag or similar object. This applies to all the thumb release type clips. You may want to consider this alteration depending on your usage of the specific clip.