Section 8 - Vehicle Setup

Since I live in a condominium, I am forced to leave my kayaks on my pickup truck 24-7. Therefore, they go with me everywhere. I had the rack custom built at a welding shop to fit the notches on top of the XT. The rack is bolted to the truck rails. The kayaks do not hang out the rear of the truck beyond the legal limit.  I use tie-down straps to fasten the kayaks to the rack and Kryptonite bicycle cable locks to secure them to the rack through the self bailing holes. Leaving the kayaks in the sun everyday definitely shortens their lifespan, but I have no other choice. I also  have no covered parking at my condo. Kayak covers would have to be custom made and probably expensive. One of my original kayaks is still on the truck for over four years and the other I replaced right at four years. You can tell from the photos which kayak is the older one.

These buckles are spring loaded. Tie a knot in the strap at the buckle in case the buckle lets go. Tuck the excess strap under to keep it from flapping in the wind while driving. These were12 foot straps and I shortened them. Be sure to  check the straps occasionally  for wear. 

I carry four bottles of fresh water (A) in the truck bed for rinsing the kayaks after a dive so as to keep the salt water off my truck. I also carry a tub (B) for rinsing my gear at the dive site or condo wash rack. These items are left in the truck 24-7 and secured with a cable and matching keyed padlocks (C) to prevent theft (small kine Hawaiian borrowin.)