Section 7 - Optional Equipment

Extra leashes: Make 3 or 4 extra leashes approximately 4 feet in length with brass clips at both ends. They come in handy for hanging cameras, a speargun, etc. over the side.

Hand held depth finder: If you are not into installing the fish finder like I did ("Fishfinder" section) you may want to purchase one of these hand held depth finders. It is about the size of a flashlight. You hold it overboard and slide the switch for a moment and it gives you a digital depth readout on the side and it floats. I made a protective case for it out of foam water pipe insulation. This item may be optional equipment but I think you will find it to be "a must." The supplier I purchased this one from is no longer available. I did find what appears to be a match to it sold by Vexilar.

Hair Ties: They come in handy for a variety of purposes.  The ones with no metal on them won't rust. You can get them at WallMart.

Mesh Bag: This is a "bag in a bag" type device. The larger bag folds up into the little one. It has a plastic clip on it which easily attaches to a "D" ring on your BCD. I take it on every dive for any treasurers I find. Depending on the weight of what you find, you can send this to the surface with your anchor on the dive sausage (see the "Anchoring Procedures" section).

Lift Bag: They come in different shapes and weight limits. Some have a pressure relief valve on the interior of the bag with a cord hanging down and some have the valve and cord on the exterior. I use a 50 pound bag for sending my anchor to the surface at the end of a dive along with any other items I don't want to carry. See the "Anchoring" section for more details.

Small Pouch: Comes in handy for defog, save-a-dive items, sunscreen, etc. Small loose items will be hard to locate in the front hatch.

G.P.S.: There are several small battery operated Global Positioning Satellite devices on the market. Be sure you purchase a waterproof one. Garmin makes a few waterproof models that sell for around $100. I am using the Gecko shown below. Even though it is waterproof (splash proof) I keep it in a waterproof plastic bag to prevent the computer download contacts and battery compartment from corroding.