Substitute methods for no front or rear control dials on the Canon WP-DC34 housing using the G12 Camera

The WP-DC34 housing does not have the control dial on the front or back as does the G12 camera. Therefore another method using two plungers simultaneously is required to change F stops and/or Shutter speeds when using the "M", "Av" or "Tv" modes.
Push 5 to select between F stops/Shutter Speeds (combined in M mode) and Focus choices.
For focus choices push and hold 1 then push 7 or 9 to move between the three respective settings.
M Mode -  push and hold down 1 then push 6 and 10 for shutter speeds and 7 and 9 for F stops.
Av Mode - push and hold 1 then 6 and 10 to change F stops.
Tv Mode - push and hold 1 then 6 and 10 to change shutter speeds
NOTE: If you don't hold 1 down far enough the flash setting control will appear with 9 and the macro control will appear with 7. Wait for the control to disappear then push 1 again and continue.
Video Mode White Balance Calibration - Unless you calibrate the White Balance and/or use a red filter your videos will be "bluish". Set the "Shortcut" to Custom 1 or 2 White Balance. After entering the Movie Mode hold a white card in front of the lens filling the entire frame without any shadows and press 1 to calibrate the White Balance. You can lock the brightness level to prevent fluctuation during the video by pressing 3.  After pressing 3 a small adjusting bar will appear in the lower left of the monitor. If necessary press 1 with 7 or 9 simultaneously to adjust the brightness up or down. The setting will remain locked during the video until you press 3 again at which time the adjusting bar will disappear.
NOTE: The White Balance needs to be re-calibrated with changes in depth and/or ambient light conditions.