Using the GPS Feature On Your camera

When you take photos using the GPS feature on your camera or other device it embeds the GPS coordinates into the EXIF data of the photo. Perhaps a handy tool when you want to check on the location of a photo you are not sure of.

When you upload that photo to the internet you are telling the world the GPS coordinates of that photo. For example; you post a photo of your home, your possessions, your vehicle, your family members (especially children) you are telling the criminal element exactly where you live. You may even be pinpointing a specific room in your home. This can put you and your family members at risk of burglars, home invasion robbers, kidnappers, sex offenders etc. Think about that before you post a photo on the internet with GPS coordinates embedded in it.

You can turn off the GPS feature in your device before taking photos or you can strip out all the EXIF data in Photoshop or one of the freeware programs downloadable on the web.