Canon Underwater Housings - Helpful Information

Dangers of using the GPS feature on your camera

Removing Backscatter & Particulate Matter in Photoshop (CS4)

Processing "White Balance" on RAW photos (CR2 files) in the Canon DPP software program


Homemade Combination Fiber Optic Slave Strobe Cable Attachment & Camera Strobe Deflector


Substitute methods for no rear control dial on the Canon WP-DC28 housing using the G10 camera


Substitute methods for no front or rear control dial on the Canon WP-DC34 housing using the G12 Camera

Preventing Housing Lens Fogging

Underwater Housing Leak Detector
Preventing cracking of the Locking Latch
Preventing damage to the tripod mount
Factory mold release lines
Drawbacks to using the internal flash
Sticking housing control buttons
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